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Indra Dhanush Burfi

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A Rich Indulgence

Mithai is a labor of love! Beautifully handcrafted with recipes and techniques handed down by generations, Mithaas is spreading sweetness across the US. From heavenly laddoos and delicious pedas to indulgent barfis and exotic nut-based sweets, Mithaas offers a truly unique range of mouthwatering tastes and textures to delight the taste buds.

Fresh and Crunchy Snacks

A Testament of Authentic 'Mithaas'

Looking at the Indian sweets and the affairs of sweet exchanges from the lens of love, Mithaas brings you a sense-delighting taste of Indian sweets, long-held as a symbol of good omen & prosperity.

Authentic Indian Taste

Drench in the torrent of decadent sweet shebang with Mithaas

Premium Quality

Sweets are made using chosen premium ingredients for your sweet fixation!

Nationwide Delivery

Delivering Mithaas nationwide! Tap the order button and hear us ringing your doorbells with a box full of Mithaas.

About mithaas

Sweet Surprises by Mithaas

No Indian feast or festival can ever be complete without mithai. From weddings to birthdays to festivals, mithai is a constant accompaniment to any joyous occasion.

At Mithaas, we take great pride in bringing the authentic flavors of mithai to your palate. Our mithai is handcrafted and prepared with only premium quality ingredients using age-old recipes to ensure that every mouthful is a truly pleasurable and memorable experience.

Our colorful sweet treats are only rivaled by the vibrant boxes that they are lovingly packed in like gleaming jewels. Whatever your celebration, we have the perfect box of mithai just for you!